“The main reason I joined Desert rock was for the following: Extensive Training, Support to their team members, Communication.”

Martha Lopez


“I am proud to be associated with Century 21 Desert Rock. Century 21 is a company that provides worldwide coverage of the real estate profession.

Agents can truly rely on the outstanding training and support that C21 offers.

Our office is absolutely ethical and provides excellent support for its agents and clients. Although business like, its a Happy Place.”

Sami Badre


``1. I am affiliated with the company because it represents integrity and that is something that I represent.

2. I love the environment. It allows me to grow and learn not just from my broker but from every agent. The selection of agents that work here are literally hand picked.

3. My clients, friends and family love Century 21 and they see it as ``the best of the best are working for you``

4. Do not focus on money ...focus on a company that will bring value to you and help you make the money. Money comes when you are successful. It's a fact. So you can either keep the high commission and have no value or start off with a comfortable commission and build your way up due to the value your broker has giving you.``

Carmen Maldonado


``1. Why are you affiliated with our company?

My main reason for being affiliated with Century 21 is that the name itself speaks ``Real Estate`` and this is an important statement for my business and for my clients. Century 21 is an established company that consumers can relate to and they can expect to be represented by a professional agent.

2. What do I like about it?

The professional atmosphere with like-minded individuals that strive for success. The support I receive from my broker and team leaders.

3. How it Benefits you, clients, and your business?

The benefits I receive is not only the name recognition, being a part of a strong presence in the real estate market is important for my business. My clients feel confident they are being represented by a reputable company and understand that agents from Century 21 receive the training and support needed to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

4. Any person that has really wanted to make a career in real estate would highly benefit from the weekly training, goal setting and the flow of business that comes through the doors of Century 21 Desert Rock. The only reason you would not succeed in this company would be by your own fault. They have the tools and resources that will help make you into the successful agent you desire to achieve.``

Sonia Rivera